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Personal statement solutions


Years 12 - 13 | 1/2 Day

PS Marking

Years 12 - 13 | via Email

Personal statement workshops

  • Delivered by doctors

  • theMSAG has reviewed and assessed 1000+ personal statements

  • Teaches students how to tailor their personal statement to specific schools of their choice - looking at the marking scheme together

  • 96% of students who theMSAG have reviewed and advised on their personal statement have got interview offers

  • 1/2 Day workshop for students years 12-13


Personal statement workshops overview

Our personal statement workshop is a half-day workshop that teaches students how to structure their personal statement for the greatest chance of gaining interview places to medical or dental school. theMSAG team emphasises that students move away from the generic structure that is typically recommended because they tend to bore and disengage examiners. Instead, we lead brainstorms about personal stories and experiences, and how to include them in the main body of their personal statement.

We introduce the concept of reflecting on personal experiences and relating them back to a career in Medicine. We then encourage students to put pen to paper and bring their stories to life! Each student will leave the workshop knowing how to tailor their personal statement to the school of their choice, dramatically increasing their odds of a successful application.

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Personal statement marking

  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar check

  • Marked against the specific marking scheme of one school that the student is applying to

  • Summary feedback (one paragraph) on the main areas of weakness and improvement

  • This service is via email and is for years 12-13


Personal statement marking overview

Once the personal statement for medical or dental school is written, students may want to see if it passes a high level of scrutiny. We offer a professional second look at personal statements for free to all students, from a team that has an incredible amount of experience. We want to give the best possible review - which can be time consuming - so we do limit this service to one marking per student.

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