Interview Preparation Workshops

Interview Preparation Workshops

Prepare your students for any type of interview

Interview Preparation Workshops

Medical and Dental school interviews are not like typical interviews, and that makes it difficult to prepare students adequately. There’s new information coming out every year, each school has a slightly different criteria, and certain strategies will guarantee a higher chance of success. We’ve done the research: let us help!

MMI Interviews

Preparation Workshop | Mock MMI

Panel Interviews

Preparation Workshop | Mock Panel

MMI Interviews

The Multiple Mini Interview format can be challenging to prepare for: a series of stations that quiz potential medical and dental students on a variety of different topics. There are two steps to doing well. First, each student needs a general knowledge of the process, a structured approach and strategy for each type of station. The second step is practice, targeted to a specific school.

Preparation Workshop

  • Build a foundation of knowledge

  • Learn strategy to score well

  • Develop a structured approach to answering different types of questions

  • All 15 types of questions are explored, including: Manual Dexterity, Picture, SJT and Role play


Mock MMI Circuit

  • Features real, past questions from the students’ medical or dental school of choice

  • Each student receives a USB with video of their circuit

  • Full written marking schemes

  • Enough staff to create a realistic interview environment

  • 5 minutes stations - the same as the vast majority of UK schools


Panel & Oxbridge Interviews

The style of an Oxbridge interview contrasts the MMI - instead of many small interviews, students spend a long single session one-on-one with an interviewer. To help them prepare, our guides teach students how to develop a strong knowledge of the topics covered and be able to establish a conversation with their interviewer. We offer two workshops to help, led by doctors with science backgrounds and BSc science-based degrees.

Preparation Workshop

  • Discover all the common topics tested at Oxford and Cambridge in the last 5 years

  • Develop a structure and strategy to science conversations

  • Demonstrate “thinking” to the interviewers

  • Data analysis


Panel & Oxbridge Mock

  • Discuss their BMAT essay in an interview environment

  • Tackle lateral thinking questions using problem solving skills

  • Practice unlimited questions on their personal statement

  • Interview followed by feedback (1-hour total per student)12


Why choose our interview preparation?

Eight of our team members have sat on medical school interview panels (St George’s, Nottingham, Birmingham, Keele, Bristol, Brighton) and have seen thousands of students over the years. Bringing in an external company also offers impartial feedback from objective examiners as we’re aware that often, students don’t take criticism well from their teachers. The experience is highly personalised - every single question and style of question asked to students will be based on their choice of medical or dental school. We update our information annually so the questions & experience are close to the real thing!

Interested in our interview workshops?

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