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Get into Medical School Guide

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For Medical School


For Medical School

For undergraduate medicine

  • 300+ pages covering all UK medical schools accepting undergraduate applicants

  • Find out if medical school is the right choice How to choose a medical school

  • Competition ratios & Academic Grade requirements per school

  • How to perform well in the UCAT, BMAT and GAMSAT

  • How to prepare for personal statement and interview Individual chapters per school


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Undergraduate guide overview

The first version of the Graduate entry guidebook was created by Dr Dibah Jiva 11 years ago, making it the longest running product in theMSAG’s repertoire. Since then, she has co-written and published over twenty books related to medical school admissions and was recently a finalist for the 2018 Women in International Education awards. This guidebook, tailored to Undergraduate entry, was co-authored by Mr (soon-to-be Dr) Gerens Curnow - winner of 2 medical education grants, he has completed his MSc in Medical Education and is currently becoming an Academic Clinical Fellow during his Foundation Years as a doctor.

Why use this guide?

The nice thing about having a physical copy of a book is it’s easy to lend, so your students can read through relevant sections on a case-by-case basis. If there is more of a demand, this book can also be used as a group teaching resource: the foundation for running advice sessions for your students on “how to choose a medical school.” It’s great for tackling any tough or unique questions and is currently being used by over 500 career advisers across the UK. 

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For medical school interviews

  • 360+ pages including summarised chapters on the NHS, Ethics and duties of a doctor

  • 135+ sample questions, worked out in detail with sample answers which would score highly

  • DOs and DONTs from an interviewer’s point of view

  • Practical aspects of interviews, including what to wear and how to prepare day-of

  • How to prepare for personal statement and interview Individual chapters per school

  • Strategies to approach both panel and MMI based interviews


Interview guide overview

theMSAG Interview preparation guidebook was written and revised by three doctors. Dr Hannah Pierce has a masters degree in Medical Education and sat in the interview panel for MMI at Keele Medical School. She is currently an Obstetrics and Gynaecology trainee doctor. Dr Hrush Vyas has experience sitting on the interview panels for MMIs at the University of Birmingham. The guidebook was edited by Dr Dibah Jiva, a leading expert in medical school admissions with 7 years of experience running medical and dental school interview courses. 

Why use this guide?

This guidebook is a great tool for specifically preparing your students for their medical school interviews. It gives you access to 135 practice questions - worked out in detail - to work through with your students in mock interviews, and best of all, we offer it at a discounted rate for schools. Students who take our courses have a 98.5% success rate getting into medical school.

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