Career Workshops

Career Workshops

Maximise your students chances

Career Workshops

Inspiring and engaging students is easier with inspiring teaching and inspiring resources. Don’t let the opportunity to ignite a student’s interest in the sciences and healthcare pass you by! These are delivered by Doctors and starts to engage multiple year groups with the ability to host up to 200 students in one day. You can choose up to 25 activities which includes all kit and safety equipment. With a minimum one day booking you will also get free talks on 100+ careers in science and healthcare.

Medicine & Dentistry Strategy Workshop

Years 11 - 13 | 1/2 Day

Careers in Sciences & Healthcare Workshop

Years 11 - 13 | 1/2 Day

Medicine & Dentistry Strategy

  • Students will know how to choose the 4 UCAS options smartly to optimize their chances of admission

  • They will understand how the programmes of their choice selects the admitted students

  • It will provide them a concrete plan to improve/build their own outstanding application

  • They will know how to work in the lab working on an important genome research project

  • Students will appreciate common pitfalls and have all their doubts and questions answered about the selective selection process


Medicine & Dentistry Strategy overview

The session aims to maximise each students’ chances of success in their medical or dental school application. We focus to dispel or debunk the myths around the medical and dental school application process, providing clarity and peace of mind. Students leave confident, relieved and ready to secure their place strategically!

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100+ Careers in Sciences & Healthcare

  • Delivered by doctors trained in advising medical and dental school admissions

  • A combination of exercises, quizzes, demonstrations and surprises keep the students engaged throughout (and the teachers too!)

  • We customise each session and use technology to make sure your students enjoy their time while learning. 

  • Parents are welcome to attend evening sessions


100+ Careers in Science & Healthcare overview

If you ask a student how many careers they can list in healthcare or sciences, the list is usually quite short: doctors, nurses... perhaps an optician or researcher. However, there are hundreds of careers in the sciences and healthcare. From the ambulance services to health informatics, from radiotherapists to operating department practitioners, the field is vast and there is plenty of room. We enlighten and encourage students to explore some of the lesser considered options, with the hope of leavingyour students full of aspirations for STEM and healthcare careers.

Improve your students chances of getting into medical school


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