Book your healthcare discovery day!

How do I get started?

All you have to do is just reach out to us, either by live chat, emailing us at or by phone: +44 1275 408844. One of our team members will follow up with some questions about the number of students interested, age groups, and some potential dates!

Once you have a date picked out, leave the rest to us. Our team of doctors will show up with all the equipment and knowledge necessary to keep your students engaged and inspired!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which age group is this for?
Although we can customise the program to almost any age group, the students that can get the most out of the experience are between years 10-12. We find that at this age they can fully interact with every station and also start taking the first steps towards a career in healthcare.

How much will a Healthcare Discover Day cost?
Our pricing is always competitive. We do our best to keep our costs low and we have no hidden fees - the price you get includes the whole team & equipment for a day, a printed booklet for every student and transport (within London - outside of London will be extra fees). In the past we have had reached a price as low as £10 per student.

Do you always have the same stations?
Not at all! We actually have a full menu of stations to choose from, and we have a variety of ways to determine which are best suited to your school. Our customisation may surprise you! For example, we can match stations to your school curriculum, we can change the difficulty can match to certain age groups, we can focus more on medicine or on all healthcare careers. And we can comfortably have up to 200 students in 1 day!

Is it a fixed time/length?
We plan our day around your school's timetable - we don't want students to miss a bus or have to make special arrangements just to attend. Even the length of time spent at each station is changeable! We recommend 45 minutes per station, but we can run 30 or 60 minute sessions if that happens to suit your timetable more.